FROM: Judy Chen

For those that are interested, you can order a dvd from this year's event. It's a fantastic DVD with examples of each of the dances and you can get one with the Saturday night show included. Order yours today!

FROM: Stacy Garcia

Wow was definitely a WOW event!!! There were over 100 dances taught ranging from Night Clubs to Funky dances and non-country dances to country dances!

The event kicked off Thursday night with a welcome party. The h'orderves were wonderful. The h'orderves even included pizza for picky eaters like me!!! Open dancing started at 730pm with previews at 9pm. The DJ in the main ballroom was Wildman Louie. Stompin' Sue also had an open dance room. Each night following the previews, the choreographers spent the evening dancing and mingling with the crowd. Barry Amato did a first class job as emcee.

Judy Chen was an excellent hostess. She just totally amazed me. She was constantly on the go making sure everything was running smoothly. If one of the smaller rooms was filled up then she'd have it switch to one of the bigger rooms, etc. Plus she taught a dance AND she was taking lessons. She was just everywhere!!!!!!!

Saturday night following an excellent dinner the choreographers and instructors performed to a array of music by the late Michael Jackson. They all gave a great performance. And by the way Barry Amato's wife looked an awful lot like Scott Blevens.

There were a lot of great dances this weekend. It would be hard to list them all so you will just have to buy the DVD's from CJ and see for yourself.

Thank you Cathy Lee & Dallas Proveaux for sharing your pictures with us. Joyce, Connie, Terry, Sue Hall & Tajali it was fun playing tourist with you in New York! Many thanks to all the volunteers and Judy Chen who worked so hard to make this event happen!

FROM: John Korman

Last weekend was the 2009 WOW! Line Dance Event at the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark NJ. Had some regular USA instructors/choreographers as well as those who do not make it across the pond often-Kate Sala, Roy Verdonk. I took a variety of lessons from a variety of instructors to a variety of song selections, genres, and tempo. I arrived on Thursday afternoon to help DJ Louie unload and set up. Arriving as the superb floor (Dance Jam Productions) was being laid down in the main ballroom, it's amazing to see the transformation from a tables and chairs to a dance event in a matter of hours between the floor workers and volunteers, DJs, and hotel staff.

Thank you for a great weekend, Judy. The buffet dinner on Saturday night was excellent and the Michael Jackson tribute show was cute..Everyone was indeed Speechless watching Rachael's solo and then the lovely Dari Anne Blevins dancing with Barry.

From: Dancin' Dean

I want to send a big thank you out to Judy for having me down to teach and to having such a great event. There was a Great staff, Great Food, Great dances and Great people. I had a Great time. Also a big thank you to all attended my classes and who bought shoes. I do appreciate your support...many reports to follow I'm sure...Happy Dancing !

From: Dodee

ust a note to say that I really enjoyed WOW. From the fancy hors d'oeuvres on Thursday to the "nap in the sky" on the way home, it was a great weekend. I especially enjoyed open dance this event. There was a point where Louie was trying to kill us, with "You Don't You Won't", "Jukebox", "Swing Time Boogie" and other fast ones all in a row. But there was a wonderful mix of new and old dances. I danced "Possibility Foxtrot" with Max. Almost got "Give it Back" with Rachael. There was no hope for me with "Dreamin" with Barry Amato. The classes were also a mix of classics and new dances. Judy Chen is a hostess during the event, making sure everyone is treated well. Next year her event will be in Shanghai, but in 2011, it will again be in the US. I recommend it.

FROM: Fannie

When I walked into the NJ Liberty airport today, I felt so sad that I had to leave all of my wonderful friends behind and go home. WOW?s weekend is really a blessing. I never knew I could experience such a modest and elegant atmosphere from the east coast. You polite people of the east just made me realize that "wild wild west" was represented for. "Yeehaa!"

Judy, you planted a rose in the New York metropolitan and you called it WOW. I can see it bloom today. You made it after 3 years, my dear friend! The unique WELCOME PARTY, THE WORLD BEST INSTRUCTORS, THE FRIENDLY STAFF... and the most: YOU HAVE THE PEOPLE!! I am so proud of you.

FROM: Rhoda Wong, MA

This was our first time attending the WOW event. We expected great food, instructors and workshops. We were not disappointed. Others have listed the 80+ workshops that were offered. I'll touch on some of the ones we attended. Judy and her staff and volunteers kept the event running smoothly. Judy's event reflects her elegance and good taste in dance, food, people and accommodations.

HOTEL - We drove to Newark, NJ from the Boston area and unnerved at the thought of New York traffic, took the route through Connecticut and in New York across the Tappan Zee and over to New Jersey via the Garden State Parkway. That was less stressful. The Newark Liberty International Marriott, Newark, NJ has very comfortable guest rooms. Courteous staff greeted us whenever we had questions. The pools (indoor and outdoor) offered a relaxing retreat during the breaks from dancing. Meals were available in the hotel restaurant at reasonable buffet prices. Ballroom and conference room hard wood dance floors were good to dance on. The conference rooms were comfortably cool and sometimes got a little warm when larger than normal crowds got up to dance.

OPEN DANCING - Thursday evening Wildman Louie welcomed us to a great mix of old and new and the hotel served up a delicious buffet including tender pork roast and beef tenderloin, sushi bar, marinated and cooked vegetables, pizza, and cold cuts. Open dancing was available again on Friday night and Saturday nights with Wildman Louie in the main ballroom and Stompin Sue in the Columbia Room (where the beginner workshops were held). First evening in open dance, I saw a new dance called BE ON TIME that had nice music and looked interesting.

The schedule was filled with workshops by day with open dance at night. However, I really missed open dance during the day too. These are moments when you can regroup, relax, meet up with friends, attempt something you just learned, or dance the familiar just to keep warmed up. This is also a time when you can spot other new dances that you might want to learn. That sometimes triggers a bonus teach. On Sunday, Wildman Louie threw in some open dancing for an hour at lunchtime and it felt just right.

INSTRUCTORS - great American and European line-up, personable, talented and dancer friendly. We missed Rachel at the Line Dance Showdown and were looking forward to seeing her. Many danced with us during open dance too.

WORKSHOPS - ran smoothly and on time.

SATURDAY DINNER AND SHOW - Met folks from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Australia (?) and Missouri during dance and dinner. Food was excellent - especially liked the seafood paella with lobster and mussels. We enjoyed a brief tribute show to Michael Jackson music with a room quieting interpretive solo by Rachel dancing SPEECHLESS. Mostly it was something to see all the instructors together including a last minute duo with Barry Amato and guest appearance by Dari-Anne Blevins. Barry looked a little scared.

Thanks Judy and Christine (Judy's daughter) for a fun weekend.