Junior Willis is from Bean Station,Tennessee. He has been line dancing since 1992 and has been teaching workshops on the line dance circuit since 2000. His first dance experience was as a clogger at the age of 8. He competed and performed with several clogging teams for over 19 years and won many team, duo, and individual events. His highest award earned was 5th in the world, in individuals.

Clogging eventually led Junior into line dancing. Some of his best known line dances include: Faith In Love, Gallery, and Dancer's Night Out (The Butt Dance). He started his teaching at a local dance event known as the Rocky Top Classic in 1999, held by Cindy Venerable. It was there that he met Joanne Brady, Bill McGhee, and Max Perry. He entered the choreography competition and won the country division his first year. His next event was the same one held in Knoxville, TN in the year 2000. He entered the choreography competition again and won both country and non-country divisions. He then heard of other workshops such as the Tarheel Line Dance Classic held in North Carolina by Scott Hucks. He and his dance team sent in their registrations to join in on the fun. He once again entered the choreography competition there and won the non-country division with a dance called "Dirty Pop." He also met instructors/directors Mike and Betty Weeks, Olivia Ray, and the one and only John Robinson. This opened the door for Junior and he asked to teach at three other events from this weekend. The first being Mike and Betty's event they had in Richmond in which it was for their wedding. He was also asked to instruct at Olivia Ray's event also held in Virginia, and has taught at this event every year since.

These few events have led to many for Junior in the past few years. He is very grateful to all who have asked him to teach at their events, and to all the people which he has met over the years. This is a fun and exciting "job" for Junior and he hopes he gets to continue doing what he loves for many years.

Junior has been nominated for a few awards over the past few years, and has had the honor of many of his dances being done all over the world.

Junior graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in organizational management in 2006, and also got his Associates degree in accounting in 2000.